October..hello…slow down…

I wanted to rant and since I have spoken about starting a blog for years…I figured, why not now??

It should have been bloodier than this but I calmed down along the way..Bloody is good.Why did I have to calm down? 

Being positive is hard work. Trust me. However, with some training, it can be really easy

In fact, I have become so accustomed to positive clichés, that I recite them without thinking

And come up with new ones sub-consciously.

Every new month I come up with a sort of slogan to live by..And then make sure to throw its ‘newness’ down the throat of everyone who cares to listen..Some friends tease that I can tell them ‘happy new month, new hour, new minute..*sticks out tongue at all said haters*

 In my defence, we have no guarantee to life hence therefore thus, I shall not stop..(Till I get Alzheimer’s or my future babies keep me too busy) 

Like every other 1st of the month, I got up cheery (albeit at 6 a.m) sang off key, made noise about the new month and started my journey to work.

Strike 1. Mr. Speeding boda man crashes into car, looks astonished by what he just did and rides off. Meanwhile do not be fooled, those tiny things can mess you up real bad. I get shocked, heart races fast but I can’t stop, no am in the middle of the road. Crowds are gathering, fingers are being pointed. Should I wait for this drama?? Nope…hit accelerator!

How am I going to explain this damage, why did I have to borrow the car today of all days, where has he disappeared to, would I have engaged him in an argument any ways? All these questions. * snap* I shall look at the broken lights later..Plus side? I am alive, yes?  That works

Strike 2: Get to work, see the damage, and mentally calculate how much it might cost. Who am I kidding; I have no idea how to calculate those things because

(a) I do not own a car

(b) I am not in the habit of crashing the cars I borrow and (c) I have not dated a mechanic…yet…

Strike 3: Get to work and nothing is going right, literally…So much for planning, only to have the plans crash before your very eyes…smh


Anyway in the spirit of positives, accident happened, everyone is alive:-)

Work is crazy but at least I have a job..Another positive!

That said, I can’t believe I am blogging!! Okay it may seem trivial but it just means procrastination can be cured!!

My October started in such a frustrating manner (manner, a word I do not use often, hmm) but I am still happy because there is room for so much more joy!! Have an awesome one everyone..

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