Jubilee.. Jubilation*

A couple of months ago, I had a pretty active social life. If I wasn’t a maid at a wedding, I was ushering at a ‘kwanjula’ or running around organising a baby shower.

With all this fun came great responsibility and needless to say, a ‘leaking’ bank account.

However, when I started 40 days, over 40 smiles, most of these seemingly important activities took a back stage position in my life.

Now whenever we  have a free weekend or public holiday, the rest of the team and I find ways to make use of it, with a fundraising event or just spending time with the children.

As Uganda celebrated her 50 years, we decided to have a visiting day for the children at God’s Grace orphanage.

The scene was pretty close to an actual visiting day with parents bringing their children goodies,sharing a  fancy meal( We served matooke, rice,beef and g.nuts, a light upgrade from the posho and beans) except it was even more splendid.

*We read with the children and they enjoyed every minute. Some of the books like Peter and Jane, Jack and the bean stalk filled us with  nostalgia from our very own childhood.

So we were reading but then we saw a camera and there is only one thing to do when you see one 🙂

There  was a quiz…quite heated up actually. Boys Vs Girls. During this one, a good friend of mine, Bodi,managed to name 5 new districts while we thought about even the first one.. The most interesting name was  Aleptong( read alaptop)

We also learnt that the first person to introduce coffee to Uganda was Koffi Annan :D.

It was a sight to behold…Did I mention that the girls side won? Just putting it out there. This hour or so was the most fun many of us had had in a while.

Everyone got a sweet, both winners and LOSERS.. because we, the winners were kind enough to share..but not as kind as baby Gavin who gave his aunt Ritah a bite of his very own lollipop

Come to mama

A dance teacher, Edward was on hand to give the children some cool dance moves shortly after their brains had exercised.

You will never guess which song it was….Wombolombo wombolombo wombolombo eeiie..How do you spell that? Well, you get the drift, right?

One time:)

We crowned the night with a screening of the Lion King. There are few things I can liken to that moment..When a child would come hold your hand or ask “aunt are you about to leave us.” The babies we held, the cuddles. The atmosphere was priceless to say the least.

Daisy, a beautiful little girl who has stolen many men’s hearts was feeling sick earlier that day.Often a diva who chooses whom to talk to and when, she was carried and pampered the whole day and did not oppose it. It was welcomed actually.

We were watching the movie when we noticed that she was feeding a girl almost four times her age with her own food…and had earlier on gone around sharing her lollipop after everyone had finished hers. Divas have big hearts these days;)

Did I mention we have an adorable new baby at the orphanage? Her name is Faith and she is as angelic as they come. She will make four months this October.You don’t believe me?

See for yourself

Diana and the little angel

So when we left the orphanage I got into Tusky’s supermarket and noticed some random stares. Then I remembered, little Esther had given me a red flower that she picked when she noticed I had one in my hair. I was walking around with two flowers in my head, totally clueless!I smiled and walked to the counter with a spring in my step. I was the lucky girlie with two flowers.

This day was a miracle to me, in all its simplicity. I am totally grateful to all that made it happen.

These beautiful children are changing our lives.

Would you like to meet them? Ask me how*


8 Replies to “Jubilee.. Jubilation*”

  1. I read this!!! Couldnt help but blush at the sight of my name the salonist doing my eyebrows cut ryt thru my skin!!! Sweet pain!!
    Nhow… That was a beautiful miracle..not just s breath of fresh air from ‘outside countries’ (wink**) but also a time for me to give completely and effortlessly of self!! Priceless.
    Those kids touch me in ways I never imagined existed…wouldnt trade that for anything.
    Love love love…40/40


  2. after all those months of ”’we should have a movie night with the kids” this day was a dream come true!! Am glad it was a success, am looking foward to more of such days!!! 🙂 signed paulliker aka pauline :p


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