Of guilty pleasures and uhm..yes just that:D

So, a group of my friends decided the perfect birthday gift for me would be a spa treat. So why am I talking about this a month later? Well, uhm…you see…I was too busy for it, then also..just that, erm..Anyway, seeing as it had an expiry date on it..I had only until 18th of this month to do it.

So, while running a few errands today  I decided…why not use my lunch break for something just as worthy..?and voila…I jumped onto a boda boda to a place that shall from hereon be referred to as a piece of heaven..my oh my!!

Well, the ambience was out of this world and the ‘therapists’ are too polite.I almost thought it was a brain washing facility..It was too serene..too perfect.

I was shown to a seat and started looking through the prices in a booklet..Seeing as I had a gift voucher, I started to think of all the people I could do the same for..hence pulling out my phone to take a photo of the price list..ahem…An attendant politely told me it wasn’t allowed..Oh well, that was just before she told me about the complimentary drink-FORGIVEN!!

So, sweet Racheal started to mention, cocktail of carrot and something, lemon tea, I don’t know what extracts, water bla bla blah..I stopped listening and asked for the cocktail…It was lovely.

Now before I go any further with my rural excitement, I would like to categorically state that I have never done any such thing..No professional massage, steam bath, nothing so the thought of a lady having access to my body was erm…not that exciting..However, the idea of total relaxation, phone off(and locked in a cabinet upon their orders by the way) was quite thrilling.

First, the steam bath. I took one step into the room..felt like I would chock to death and then suddenly..the minty scent kicked in and I could have forgotten all this steam was clouding my vision.Before I knew it, I was humming away oblivious of the world around me…and it felt great!

So after every step, you take a shower and come back for more spoiling. I could live like this forever..No, seriously…I could!

On to the body scrub…How do I explain this? There were moments when I thought this magical creature(read masseuse) had no hands but rather just put me under a spell.Honestly, I couldn’t feel the fingers..just a whole lot of…magic! It was so expertly done, without trying too hand. The soft music in the background stole me countless times and I had to remind myself to come back to earth..Why?? Why??


Hehe..Pretend she is black naawe:-)

At one point, Racheal held my foot and said ‘relax.’ Usually, I hate this word..In fact, whenever I am told to relax I do anything but relax..At that moment? Well, it could have meant chocolate or butter pancakes! I just did as I was told..and got rewarded:-)

I must confess, there were many moments when I thought, why am I letting this woman carry out this massage..Do I know her?Do I trust her..?but that’s the best part..It was a dimly lit room.She may never see me again..Okay I lied..I have to go back..but I shall ask for Joan or Anita or whoever..this violation can’t be done by the same person twice..Then again, she was sooo good at what she did.Maybe once more?Really? What is the worst that could happen..?

I pondered for a minute also..on the stories I have heard, about massage parlours that give ‘extra services’ to men.Imagine I am this smitten about a little spoiling..I wonder what other emotions these men go through..hmmm *scratches head*

I also thought to myself, when I get a husband, I shall bring him and make sure he learns all these techniques..hopefully better..hihi..kubanga it felt wrong to feel that fabulous.

Anyways, where was I?As if the body scrub and massage were not enough…there is a session of buttering. Really? Why doesn’t one just do this all day and return home to sleep instead of having work, traffic,wind,sun, clothes..everything???*Sigh

Well, all the products used had amazing scents..My body felt(still does, at least for now) extremely smooth.Those stories of how a baby’s butt is the softest thing ever..I am sorry babies and mommies worldwide, but I beg to differ:D

Bottom line(pun intended) it was such a lovely experience. I walked with an air of confidence thinking someone would notice and say “Oh you look different, did you get a facial’ *fail! No one did..but you know what? I was happy, for me..just me, just this once..In a different way;

1. To sort of lay off my insecurities for a bit(yes they even extend to closed rooms with strangers, smh) *Baby steps*

2.To finally have some time off, however short lived

3. To discover something new, experience it and probably offer this package to someone who deserves it:)

4.To celebrate my friends who thought of me and made this happen..I got my little piece of heaven, albeit a month later. Thank you!

*Shrieking with joy..Yes, even hours later..yaay!

3 Replies to “Of guilty pleasures and uhm..yes just that:D”

  1. thanx to all the friends that did this for you. You needed it, and you still need more of it. You work too hard and care for soooo many selflessly. Keep being you


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