Eggs, excitement! Who knew?

Even the most positive people have some bad days, weeks, even months..not necessarily because they are weak or ungrateful but because they are human.

I like to think of myself as quite positive but lately it has been a huge circle of thorns in form of different tests and I found myself caught in the middle..but never to give up. Shya! How??

A few weeks ago, gentleman met me God’s grace orphanage; I would rather call it ‘God’s grace children’s home’ actually.It was at one of our monthly breakfasts.

It was a couple of weeks ago but I remembered him vividly when he called days later. When I picked up the phone, he said ‘I doubt you remember me’ and I asked ‘Did we not talk about eggs? He laughed and said ‘That’s me.’  This gentleman’s name is Alex.

So, D-day a.k.a Egg day finally arrived. He asked when I was free and I told him I could only get off at lunch time. At exactly 1.00 pm, along with two of his friends, he picked me up.

The mission? To get a supplier who would take eggs to the children once a week.I chose Wednesday because it is mid week then later realised today was actually Wednesday(oh how time flies) I was so excited!Some children had already spotted us and came over to say hi.

It is always a new feeling. You no matter how many rainbows you see, it will always be beautiful. That is exactly how I feel each time they run up to me chanting ‘Aunt Esther.’

After ‘sealing the deal’ with this supplier, we moved to the home.It was lunch time so all of them were free to give us hugs, except the ones who were eating..They just waved..We understood:)

Baby Faith who turns four months this October is such a sight to behold.I have never heard her let out so much as a sigh or cry no matter who carries her.She is so peaceful and yet the world has been so cruel to her mommy..She does not know this yet..and if we can help it. she will never have to feel lost.

The kids asked me for some of their favourite aunties, others asked when the breakfast is (27th October people, mark the date!) most just smiled and held my hands. I wanted to stay, I always do but we used our limited time any way.

I told Maria(the lead caretaker) about the eggs and she was ecstatic.She called all the children together and told them the good news.

When she asked which of them had never eaten eggs.I had to stiffle my emotions. Their little hands went up, seemingly embarassed that someone else was going to know this about them.We made light of the situation and they thanked Alex for this.

Shortly after, they all began praying for us..and it was crowned by ‘Pastor Emily’s prayer.

When this girl speaks to God, I believe even atheists shudder in their skin,so sincere, deep and from the heart. She asked God to bless my team and give us health and wealth among other things..but mostly to bless us. I smiled. I wept inside. I believed.

As we left, little Esther asked me for the pen I promised her.Thank God I had carried one. She knelt to thank me.A pen, just a pen!! But you see, these children are extra ordinary.

When I went to visit the children, I had a heavy heart from the troubles of this world..When I left..I had a heavy heart knowing I could not spend every waking minute with these angels.

Maria told me all the things they need and I made a mental note. Alex asked “How do you sleep at night?” I just shrugged

What I should have said is ” I sleep feeling like the most blessed person in the world”






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