The Amateur Preacher: Part 1

Sundays are generally laid back days. It is a chance to speak to God about the week that has gone by and lay into his hands the new one..but for most people, it is an opportunity to relax, let their hair down and rejuvenate.

Last Sunday, I had a date with the children at God’s grace orphanage; to go and pray with the candidates who were sitting for PLE the day after. Armed with success cards and a joyful heart, I set off for Kyebando. As usual the ‘Aunt Esther’ squeals greeted me. I can never get enough. In fact, I may just legalise my  full name to ‘Aunt Esther Kalenzi:-p’

I walked up to the house,the children were divided into two groups with the little ones in the garage and the older ones under  the tent. We had praise and worship for a while then different groups started to come forward and sing. This is the part I shoot myself for not having a camera.

The first group was ‘little angels’ and they were exactly that. Seven year old angels singing and dancing for the Lord?! What could be more adorable? 🙂 They were followed by ‘Jesus’ team,’ and lastly ‘Alpha and Omega which had the oldest children. Their dance moves were quite impressive too! I smiled till my jaws began to hurt. Last I had seen Kazibwe was on Monday when he could barely speak, hardly a week later and  he was showing the ‘engalabi’ (long drum) how it’s done! What an awesome sight!

Sharif, an S.2 student who was the pioneer P.L.E candidate at God’s grace came and sang a Luganda song that he composed. It was actually quite beautiful! I learnt the lyrics to at least 80% of the song. Get me high on fanta some day soon and I shall definitely re awaken the Aretha Franklin in me:)

During the service,anyone who had a testimony was called to the pulpit. One by one, the children thanked God for life, for healing,a place to stay,clothes and even for Aunt Esther.(see, I told you it rhymes)

I eventually got up. Who was I to sit when I had been blessed beyond all my expectations…? When it was my turn, I thanked God for the children because they have blessed the 40-40 family in many ways, I extended my gratitude to all the faithful friends who braved the rain to attend our ‘soccer mania’ that Saturday and generally bubbled on for minutes on end. In that moment, that is exactly where I belonged.

In part 2, I shall briefly describe my stint as a preacher;)

10 Replies to “The Amateur Preacher: Part 1”

  1. hmmmmmmm waiting for the next part, and am sure you missed out a number of things like where you join in as sharif sings and you hit that high note laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that one.. hehehe am waiting for the next part!!!!! thanks for having a big heart, it inspires me to become a better person.. just saying. keep on being you #A-Star 😉


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