The year that was…with lessons*

Lately when someone says something I do not agree with, I say ‘That is so last year”…I must confess, this piece  is also ‘so last year’ but some of these lessons I shall carry on to this year and maybe even throughout my life.

* Some of your best moments simply come from within. No advice. No consultation.No second guessing. Just a beginning

At the end of February 2012, I got the idea to start 40 days over 40 smiles. I had no idea where it would go or what exactly I wanted. All I knew was that I was going to begin.

I love children. I derive  pleasure from giving back in the smallest of ways. I found a way to do both and it didn’t require a list, planning or one long meeting with a board. It simply came to life.

Before I knew it, I was in love in love with 90 children, the number grew to 118 and I discovered the world’s best support team in form of my beautiful family and amazing friends.

* Strangers can be great blessings

Several people who didn’t even know me trusted me with their money, time and other resources. Some have become friends,others have left but each of them played a special role.

We have donors we have never met in several countries and it just goes to show how much kindness lives in the heart’s of people.

I got a chance to be blown away by kindness and still receive quiet surprises every other day. It is a priceless feeling I do not take for granted.

* Sometimes love is wait almost all the time but it is worth it.

Love can’t really  be quantified. God gave us his only son. Jesus agreed to die for us  sinners. Neither of us can surely match up to this.

We are not expected to as mere mortals either.

A forgotten birthday or anniversary can hurt but it isn’t the end of the world..and often we expect a lot from the people we love simply because we know we would do that much or more for them..

Compromise, now that is a word that can must co-exist with love.

Along the way though, you receive signs about who is genuine and who is not. You can ignore them and follow your (insert desired body part) but the signs will always be there.

Sometimes you will even fail to tell the it an act? Is he/she just charming? but quite often the ones you least expect are the ones who will do anything for you.

Other times it is the ones you want nothing to do with.C’est la vie.

Love can not take away poverty or physical pain for will need a plan and a doctor or whatever else depending on the situation. What am I saying? Yes, now I remember.saying I love you isn’t a cure for pain. Show it, deliver, be true.

Above all, simply love whether it is unrequited or blossoming-love.

Unconditional love exists

This one I can’t explain much. I simply will not give it the credit it deserves.

I have seen mothers, including my own make sacrifices that I can’t describe. There are other individuals who choose to give without expecting anything in return. Yes. They exist.

That is all.

Prayer is powerful…no seriously more than you think

I experienced a couple of  life threatening situations. I panicked. I lost hope. I wept. I did pray though and when I couldn’t, I had friends and family pray for and with me. It worked. I promise:)

When my friends told me about the missing love, the sick loved one, the irritating boss , dream job, broken heart or the lost soul that went to be with the Lord, I prayed, I praised, I worshipped. At the beginning of the year I scrolled through my book of prayer requests. I am no prophet or anything but I had so many ticks! I actually reminded some of the them, for others I just smiled.

For the prayers that did not come true,It is not their time. God is working on something better or even worse(for that is how lessons are built) but his timing is perfect.

I have not matured enough as to never ask God why but I have grown to the extent where even in my distress, I can whisper ‘may your will be done.’


Friends are the family we choose

I had good days, bad days and great days. All these times I can mention at least one friend who stood by me.

Real friends do not need  telling or asking. They are often just there when you need them- quiet, hugging,yelling..either way,they are there.

We are exactly who we choose to be

Everyone has a story in their past or present that has had the potential to break them, sometimes it actually has.

Broken homes,torn relationships,financial setbacks,stunted dreams..the list is literally endless.

I know people who have had nothing and yet give so much of themselves and others who have more than enough but can barely spare anything for people other than themselves.

It is true that without a strong support system in form of friends, family or faith, one can fall into a pit of depression. There  are several psychological conditions caused by trauma that I can’t begin to fathom. Their victims do not know better. I understand this.

BUT being a bully, miser,cheat,hypocrite,thief,liar…(insert avoidable human vices) is often a choice. Whether life served you lemons or not, best believe the next person you torment experienced similar or worse problems.

The blame game is a little old, don’t you think?

I could say so much more.The year was one long lesson in the subject of life..but I can say with my head held up high that I am stronger and better because of everything that occured.

Cheers to 2013, how about we just celebrate, be happy and not be too harsh dearest sweet year, huh??Psyche! Please give us your best shot. We can handle it:)

May this be the year you discover your full potential, find love, know God, be positive, have good health, explore and actually realise your dreams. Could be all, could be none of the above but no matter what…enjoy it!:))

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