Ndi ku digi

Lately, I have been going through the motions..totally unexcited, unmotivated and constantly in a trance that I can’t quite figure out. Always waiting for the day to end then the next one….and the next one….

I do not even know why the expression ‘the sunny side of life’ was coined. I think I am more irritable when  it is hot so yes…let me blame the weather for all my problems. It is so much easier 🙂

So today, as I sat on a boda boda pondering the uncertainty of life, the crazy motorists on either side of me and the heat rash I had acquired, I decided to focus on a few random things that have made my life much easier which I may not be able to reveal when I am gone because well….I will be with angels talking about more amazing things:P

*I will start with the motor bike/boda boda for so many obvious and not so obvious reasons;

>Some of the funniest conversations I have had in my life have been with these strangers whom I use every so often. As a matter of fact, so have the biggest compliments (says a lot about my type, I know but facts are facts mehn) I often find myself at the destination even before  ‘we’ are done. Do not be mistaken, I am well aware of the risk and have had my share of ‘movie stunts’ on this form of transport…but still doesn’t take away the fun times.

> Babies! All the people who are close to me and have had babies would never have seen me among the first guests at the hospital if it wasn’t for my miracle wheels. I know how crazy my schedule can get and make it a rule to visit mothers before they are discharged lest I fail to make it to the home until said baby is my height. Therefore, lunch hour, before work, between meetings..I shall be the girl whizzing past you on a mission!

So today when I had a conversation with a friend about what we are each fasting this lent and she suggested I fast boda bodas, you can imagine how I felt.I shrieked! Surely even God wants me to get to my destinations on time and happy, right?

* Facebook

I love communication. If I could be paid for it, I would be a trillionaire..Unfortunately, it is not a talent and cannot put food on the table, not yet at least. However, when I first got nudged by a close friend to join facebook, I was totally against it. How can I put my life out there for all to see, and photographs too? Never! At the time I was even dealing with a stalker who had hacked into my phone records so really I wasn’t going to give him more to work with.No!!

Later, the idea of catching up with friends and family in and out of the country became more and more appealing. There was information too and I needed to peek and see for myself. Well, I did check it out.

I would not say it impacted my life greatly until last year. When the group ’40 days over 40 smiles began, it had few members, probably less than 100…It slowly grew and now has over 1,000 but that doesn’t even matter. I believe half of that number have only a slight idea what we do, and half of that half just do not know where to find the ‘leave group’ icon…otherwise *Your guess is as good as mine*

However, there are several friends and strangers who join every other day and actually want to be a HUGE part of it. Those individuals who call to say they love what we are doing, the few who come for our events, the amazing ones that pray for and with the children we look after and all the incredible people who have donated generously from the start.

I would never have reached so many people without facebook. I would never have witnessed life changing scenarios every other day based on the goodness of souls and power of unity.

Facebook opened my eves to a lot. For all its flaws, I can say with deep conviction that this social network has helped make my dream become not just my reality, but a shared dream and reality.

Mobile money

Recently a friend of mine asked me, “Do you ever receive your own money through mobile money?” I laughed. I could not remember the last time I ever received ‘my’ money. In fact, I barely ever check for the reason it is sent, I imagine it is for the kids and move on to put it to something they need.

When I first registered for this service, I never imagined it would become the ’40-40 mobile bank.’ It was for emergencies.

Before I knew it, I was sending money for food, firewood, medical bills and any other need without stepping even 10 metres away from my location.

I must admit, it is very testing to be completely broke and know that your phone is ‘storing’  1,000,000 shillings or more. To look at it and not be able to use it. Then that little voice from over your left shoulder tells you “Take just a bit, no one will ever notice.”

But you know within your heart that those to whom it belongs deserve it more than you in so many ways. The next day you spend it all on their food and wonder if anyone will even send “5k” but the Lord our God, he never disappoints. He keeps filling thy cup 🙂

So yes, the human in me is tempted…but the God in me keeps her(the human) in check…so do not worry, it is all safe:)

That said, here is to finding more joy in things that we often ignore and well, simply letting ourselves be.

So, if it is rain that does it for you(like me), have more rainy days but so we keep it ‘normal’ too, here is to the sunny side of life*



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