After a while

After a while the job you thought gave you satisfaction begins to drag

The qualifications you believed to be adequate seem a tad bit minimal

Your efforts go unappreciated and faults gravely highlighted

All the dreams you envisioned would come true keep at bay

And the ones you never  knew you had seem to stay-

The minutes before you fall asleep sub consciously become angles of reflection

New days torment you with the urge to do better, become greater

And yet the mortal in you still ponders;

What is it all for?

Does it really matter after all?

There has got to be more to life.

Passion for the things/people you adore brings you pleasure

Just before the pangs of pain that follow with situations you can barely control




All these arise and you want to get away, undo the past, see into the future

But after a while you accept that it isn’t in your reach

That you can’t always run when faced with adversity-

After a while you realise the love you give does not always get returned

And the one you barely spread comes back to you in tonnes

Oooh the irony!

You begin to cultivate bonds that should last a lifetime

And spend less time on relationships that don’t build you

After a while, you begin to see people for what they really are;

The liars, seasonal friends, haters, really good actors and the genuine souls

After a while you realise that you will not always get what you want

But may get what you need even when you are not looking

After a while, you grasp the the importance of silence,nature,reflection

You notice the little things

Acknowledge modest victories

Celebrate accomplishments of loved ones

This may be the only chance you get-

After a while you become conscious of the fact that there is NO enough

You recognise that shopping makes you happy but won’t make up for a broken heart

The fancy phone, car or house does not compensate for the tears on your pillow

but God knows you will get people talking and admiring…and talking some more

You acknowledge that past pain, money or even good looks do not atone for a bad attitude

Even if sometimes people get away with it.

After a while your belief in a higher power is tested constantly

It is critiqued, questioned and even wanes from time to time

It becomes a decision you have to make over and over again

Hoping that the faith shall grow stronger than the doubt

And you will open your eyes before the crash.

After a while it becomes clear that things shall often remain unclear

And that lunacy is actually closer to home than we think :-

After a while, I have noticed that I have said so much without actually saying much so perhaps I should stop here?


The End


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