Only you know….

 I called out to you

Did you hear me?

I thought maybe you didn’t because I whispered.

That day came to an end.. Somehow, I survived.

Weeks followed and things got from bad to worse

I prayed

Did you hear me?

I figured you did but I needed to see a sign.

That day came to an end..Somehow, I survived.

One fine evening I entered your house with friends

There was almost no empty pew in sight but we got a nice little corner

I sang your praise, danced and shouted your name

Without noticing, I began to weep

I wept so hard but I did not care

It was your house, my house, our house-

That night came to an end. Somehow, I survived.

The light began to return

My joy seemed endless

You heard my cry

I shared my tale

Sprung to my feet

Praised you even more

That day was amazing, it ended with a smile

A few days later, darkness returned

This time I could barely speak

I simply sat, numb

I tried to open my mouth

Then I closed it soon after

I started to mumble a prayer

But I couldn’t muster the strength

I sat still




I sat motionless-

So, here I am




I feel irreparable



Is it true that I can’t be fixed?

Of course not!

See, even if I have failed to speak

You have seen what’s written at the bottom of my heart

As if that is not enough

I have been in this place before

I know what it feels like

Do you know what happened though?

You held my hand

You didn’t  just tell me it would be okay

You made it okay-

You provided rest to my weary soul

The spirit to quench my doubt

Your mercy to restore me

So, I am going to wait on you

I will wait on you Lord

For only you,

Only you know-


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