Benezeri Interview

Tomorrow, 14th February(Valentines day),at 14:00, Benezeri’s new video #Zuukuka 2 shall go viral, Big Tril and Ruyonga featured on this hit.

Read on to find out what some of the talented minds who worked with him thought.

Note: This is all done by Benezeri, all I did was click ‘Publish’ 🙂

Big Tril
Number 1. Why did you accept to jump on #Zuukuka part 2?
– Because its a conscious song and its informative hip hop which is good for society
Not forgetting its a hot track

No. 2. Your verse was deep! How long did it take u to write it and
what did u smoke to motivate you like that?

Didn’t smoke anything
Was just inspired

Haha okay. No. 3 Who are the top 5 corrupt people in the entertainment industry?
Radio n weasel
Maurice kirya
And Benezeri

Haha ok. Whats it like presenting with a beautiful lady like Cynthia?
Haven’t u attempted to corrupt her?
That’s my little sis

You’ve managed to make a name for yourself. What advice would you give
to someone trying to do the same in this era of unemployment?
– Just be yourself
People recognize the realness



1- What was the thing that struck you most about #Zuukuka part 2?

I liked the whole concept of the campaign. Waking up, and talking
about what’s wrong with our country, is so necessary. We’re always
quick to ask for help, this campaign takes that mentality away from
us, and gives us Power. The power to go out and make that change that
we always seek.

2. What has caused the corruption within the industry. Presenters
asking for “facilitation” to play songs

I can never blame a person for wanting to make an extra shilling. ‘By
Any Means Necessary’ right?! I do blame us the artists for going ahead
and paying. If you truly believe in your craft, put it out and let the
audience decide on how far the song will go.

3. Who are the 5 most corrupt entertainers?

Hahaha, this should be fun.
1- NAVIO, He has jammed to invite me into the illuminati.
2- Ruyonga, How are the rest of us supposed to win when his partner is
the Big man upstairs.
3- Idringi, maaan, he is working with Nigerians…….(let THAT marinate)
…Those are the only 1’s I know for now.

No, on the real, I am surrounded by brilliant people who believe in
their talent and never need to bribe anyone to get ahead.


Izaya (Producer)
1. What inspired u to make the zuukuka 2 beat?
– Had no inspiration. I just came up with fresh ideas.

2. Who do you think nailed it best?
I think ruyonga did because his 1st 3 lines keep ringing in my head.

3. How is it working with the 3 artistes?
There is nothing that encourages a composer more than optimism and ambition.

zukuukz tee

Hakeem (videographer)
No. 1 What was the most powerful thing about the song, in your opinion?
– If nothing changes,nothing changes. That statement means a lot.

No. 2. How different was this video from all the others you have  shot before?
– Its been the 1st positive conscious hip-hop video I have e worked on. The
rest were aimed at making money.

No. 3. What should people expect from this video?
– They should expect a visual positive message in the hip-hop rap context.
The should expect some unusual visuals in the video that are not
common with the day to day Kampala urban set ups.
And also eye catching movements in the video, like buoying, shot in
the best way ever, in the history of urban dance in Uganda

No. 4 What advice would you give to youth, some of whom are your age
and equally qualified, but are jobless.
– They shouldn’t undermine any job how ever small,because big things most times
come in small packages. It is from volunteering at times that other
opportunities show up.
And they shouldn’t forget their God, because God hasn’t forgotten them,it is
just a series of tests from God in which we swim every day…

The last one. How would you like to be remembered?
-One of the few good editors that helped drive the zuukuka project or
campaign with all his passion.


What is the most memorable moment during the Zuukuka video shoot in
Kikuba Mutwe slum?
– Abramz getting the kids hyped up and getting them to sing “Zuukuka.
Tewebaka” It changed the energy of the shoot.

It was your idea to shoot the video in the slum. Why the slum of all places?
One of the main aims of Zuukuka is to open peoples eyes. We wanted
people to wake up to what was happening in their community instead of
focusing on just the issues in the corporate world

zukuukz tee

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