Playing for a friend lost too soon

I remember I was still in bed when a message came through, “Have you heard that Adam passed away?” it read. I got up and began to ask “How, why, when…?

When I logged into facebook, the News was confirmed. I remember being generally livid because the year had barely began and all the deaths that occurred seemed to be of young people. It was totally unfair.

 See I shared a class with Adam. He was one of those people you couldn’t help but notice. Funny, cheeky and enormously care free. Even when he tried to tease me, it was impossible to get mad at him.

 He always had a smart retort and even the teachers secretly grinned as they apprehended him.

There is only so much you can say about loss for it is he who gives that takes away and we have to trust that his timing is right even if we are hurting.

A couple of weeks ago I received a message from Adam’s friend Biko on facebook. I must admit I was a bit shocked even before I read it. I hadn’t heard from him in years and was curious to know what the contents were.

He was interested in the event 40 days over 40 smiles Foundation is hosting tomorrow: “5 Aside UG” I gave him the details and now and again, he kept asking for updates on registration and other requirements.

A few days later, I saw another friend, Tyler share our event poster and add that they were fielding “Team Azarov” (Adam) for the event in his memory. My heart sunk. I had to try hard to swallow the lump in my throat. It was a beautiful gesture that also made me very sad. That is life I guess, bittersweet.

I collected my thoughts and decided there and then that I would pay a small tribute in the best way I could hence the blog.


Through my ‘research,’ I found out that Biko initiated this idea. This is what he had to say.

Adam left a trail of smiles along his life path so when Tony (another friend) told me of the exhibition Esther had put together with 40 days over 40 smiles, it made sense for us-to celebrate Adam’s life having fun and leaving a few smiles as we did so.

Kaahwa Morris

Adam is someone I met in my first high school year at Aga Khan High School. He was a friend and classmate of my older brother but eventually became one of my friends. I spent time with him during recess whenever I used to go see my brother and as we walked out of school everyday…But man Adam was always fun to be around, hands down. He was always happy, I don’t remember ever seeing him down or quiet.

Rest in Peace Adam, you will always be missed.

“Tyler Himself” who is Morris’ brother said;

Adam was a friend, brother and binding factor in school and after, a person for the people and by far the most social person I have ever known. We miss him now and he still lives within us. Rest in Peace Adam.

 Sigh. Receiving these messages was difficult but typing them is downright heart wrenching.

Team Azarov shall be at Bush Court tomorrow wearing t-shirts with his face as they participate in #5AsideUG.

40 days over 40 smiles is humbled and honoured that they chose to celebrate Adam’s life with us for a cause that is beyond any individual.

May Adam’s soul rest in eternal peace.


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