Less talk

For the past couple of weeks, I have had a love-hate relationship with social media. Actually, that might not be entirely accurate. It has been mostly hate-hate.
I am not quite sure what kick people get out of being the first to type “RIP” thus killing people the moment they find out they have a terminal illness. It is bad enough that as a celebrity, you give your life to others but do they have to lurk in the shadows ‘anticipating’ your death too?
It is quite appalling really. On top of sharing incorrect information, we cannot wait to make a connection to the deceased. “He died before giving me that last interview, RIP.” How is this even important? Amidst all this drama, there is an actual fraternity who know and love the said person. A family that is struggling with pain as it is but has to keep assuring the ‘world’ how their loved one is still alive. But do we care? Why, when we can type ‘RIP’ and go on with our lives? Argh!
While we are still on the topic of sharing bad News, what kind of sadist shares images of someone that is at their lowest without the consent of their family? Once the story ‘forcefully’ comes out, we begin to complain about the fundraising for this person’s medical bills? Are our lives so sad that the only way we can feel ‘better’ is if we know someone else is suffering? Do we absolutely have to say/type every crude thought that comes to our vile minds?
I am not even going to use that line of what if it was your sibling or parent. They are human beings and that is all that should matter-regardless of your relation to them.
I am quite perplexed by this desire to ‘excitedly’ share bad News and then find a conspiracy theory soon after.

“To do nothing is the way to be nothing.”

Children lose their mother in their presence, cold blood- and it is suddenly a bad thing that an individual would like to raise funds to secure their future? These innocent children will probably be traumatised for a very long time. That is not our problem though, we can just sit at our desk and use office internet to criticise the brains behind such initiatives. Ask yourself. What have you done for someone other than yourself? Did anyone tell you which cause to back or step away from or was it a personal decision?

“A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.”

Poverty, illness, natural calamities are not exiting our world any time soon. We can continue to simply talk about them and point fingers at the powers that be or we can do what is possible to make a small difference right NOW. Criticising people who are making that difference is not a good look on you. You want to remain relevant and a few retweets might help your ego a bit but quite frankly, you are simply a disgrace.

It has been quite difficult for me to read or watch anything about the Garissa attacks. I can’t fathom what those families are going through. One week later and the pain is still fresh. I wish I could do more than pray or somehow wave a wand and bring those young souls back to life. Unfortunately, I can’t.
However, instead of sending our love and support to Kenya, we are concerned about which international News channel is giving the story the attention it deserves. I am sorry, what?! Do they determine what your emotions are or does their opinion give validation of this massacre?
Hundreds of people all over the world are holding vigils for the students that passed away and that solidarity is what the world needs. You want a March similar to the one world leaders held to honour the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack? By all means organise one.
If somebody at CNN slept on the job and let the screen show Nairobi, Nigeria and this causes an uproar louder than the security issue that is before us, the lives that we keep losing, then frankly, we need some help. A lot of help actually.

“If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”

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