On call



9pm on a Friday night

Julie: What are you doing tonight?

Me: Nothing much. Listening to music till I sleep off

Her: Great, I am in the mood to go out. Let’s do something fun

Me: Maybe another time (Read, I am already in my PJs and it would take an emergency to get me out of the house)

Her: I can even pick you up

Me: Please don’t make this hard.

Her: Okay, I guess I can find someone else.
Me: Hope so. Have fun for two.
If this conversation happened on Monday that week to plan for Friday, chances are I would have joined Julie. I have come to admit that I am not in the top 1 billion spontaneous people on this planet. The good News is, I am consciously trying. However, If God forbid, something happened to Julie  that very night and I got a call, I would not hesitate to throw on a jumper and leave the house. Such is the system that I am accustomed too.

This Saturday as we had a 4040 annual review meeting, my colleague got a call. Deutsche Welle (DW) was holding a workshop and they had a last minute request for me to attend. It was starting the next day (Sunday) for 5 days. I had a wedding to attend that Sunday and several commitments the next week. My answer was was a stern no without even thinking about it.

Fortunately or unfortunately, some members of my team were present as I made this decision. They started to give me all the reasons why I needed to attend. I called the organiser to explain why I could not attend and she too countered the ‘excuses.’ I said I would sleep on it.

That evening when I got home, I found the mother awake and explained my conundrum. Surprisingly, she encouraged me to pack my bags.

When I contacted the organisers about travelling on Monday, they were more than willing.

Long story long, as I type this, I am in the very beautiful Garuga for the next few days. Training by day, working by (every) break and taking in the scenery+air constantly.

My mother loves everything green and this would be the perfect place to carry her and force her to relax. When I sent my friend a photo last night she asked “Did you carry your mom secretly in your handbag?” I laughed because those were my exact thoughts.

What am I trying to say? Yes, despite having all the responsibilities in the world, sometimes you just have to let go.

Here I am learning and working and I could not have picked a better location. (Also, I would not be able to afford full board accommodation for myself, not yet that is)

Truth is, I have had to sneak out and make calls during sessions, put in extra hours here and there but I think it is worth it. Also, nature really agrees with my entire system. The moment I got here, half my problems vanished 🙂

I am telling you in time for next year, perhaps. If like me, you have not visited this Lake resort before (till now), start saving. Bring your spouse, friends or family for a day or weekend and just appreciate the beauty that is Uganda.

Oh,it would be great for team buildings too.

The service has been impeccable too. We had lunch by the lake, literally. Imagine all this goodness with…..*fill in the blanks*

garuga 2

They have rooms and family cottages ranging from $70-120. Considering the activities and beauty, I think it is totally worth it. Also, what good is money if you cannot spend and enjoy the fruits when you are alive?

Did I mention how I must have added 2kgs already? The food, oooh the food! It is sumptuous as it is plenty. Speaking of food, let me run and get my cup of tea. Apparently dinner tonight is mongolian.

Related, there is chai in the bedrooms for any time of the night when you feel the urge, yes plus a kettle. An establishment after my own heart I tell you.

Garuga 1

More soon!



8 Replies to “On call”

  1. Where is your ka head in these pics 😀 oh, and how much for the kalango for them 😂😂😂 on a serious note though,this is unbelievable. Well done you. You’re blessed my dear 😊take it all in anyway. (might as well have written my own blog on this my comment)😂😂😂😂


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