Slow start

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Don’t you just find that quote so relatable? If you are a worrier then you can relate to it even more than the average person.

Linda officially marked her one month stay in London. Given all the anxiety that filled her soul before the trip, that she continued to press on daily is an achievement in itself. What made it even more worthwhile were the lovely memories she managed to make amidst all the clutter that is her schedule. Sadly, life’s pace has been so fast, she couldn’t even treat herself to a cupcake like she’d promised herself.

Ordinarily, one would take a while to settle into a new place, sort their routine and then begin to make it work for them. Unfortunately, the settling in took longer than Linda anticipated and the workload simply continued to increase without ‘warning.’ She was shocked when a lecturer walked over to her during a class recently. “Are you okay, had a long day?,” the fifty-something lady asked. ‘Was it that obvious?’ She thought. It was at that moment that it sunk in how fatigue had consumed her. With several assignments piling up, Linda had found trouble sleeping and getting up. It had probably started to show on her face. After that class, she knew there was no way she would be able to make dinner. She grabbed a bite on her way home and figured she’d rest soon after, for the soul to regenerate.

While school is difficult, the weather dreary and the to do lists longer there is still much more for her to be grateful for.

A few weeks ago, she found a colleague at a coffee shop. Irene had ordered coffee and was in the process of paying with a card when the barista informed her that purchases less than £5 were charged highly if one used a card. Linda offered to pay cash instead and cleared the bill.

It seems that Irene has already immersed herself in the ‘new culture’ because a few days later, she was still surprised by the gesture. “I owe you, tell me when I can return the favour, please,” she kept insisting. Linda advised that the best way was for Irene to pay it forward. “Simply make someone else smile and it will be enough.” Irene was seemingly more disturbed by this. She still felt indebted.

Today Irene sent Linda a message that read ” The weather is not good today. Please wear your smile, the world will need it.” She immediately smiled, walked to her window and looked outside. It was raining.

Although life had become a little more complicated, it was not ‘impossible’ to persevere and there were more reasons to smile.



Wishing you a week full of smiles. If you have one, give one. If you need one, still, give one 🙂

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