Breakfast with the Kids


Saturday mornings for a long period, during this 4040 journey meant one thing- #Breakfastwiththekids!
I can’t remember when we came up with the idea for it but those were some of the best days of my life.

Breakfast being my favourite meal, generally, I can see how those weekends made me extra excited; hanging with our babies, munching away and watching my friends and ‘newbies’ fall in love too.

Those early Saturday mornings saw many have shorter Friday nights in anticipation; others just appeared with their blood shot eyes, after reminding me incessantly not to leave without them; some went to office and dropped by after, It was amazing!

It was a beautiful routine; some people bought the items we needed, others went over to cook the porridge before we arrived, and then we all converged at Tusky’s Makerere and went over to share with the children. Good times!

That diet though, walala!! No wonder most of The children claimed they were sick after (although they had strength to run around for a couple of hours after the heavy meal)
Porridge-pancakes(kabalagala)-samosa-chapati..sometimes donuts too..
Only later did we introduce fruit to balance this mix. Somebarre help me count this calories😮
The conversations, the games after, everything left me rejuvenated for the week and I am sure many others felt things in their hearts.

I hope that as parents we shall make time for our children in the same way, or even better.

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