Croaking, Rhyming n’ebigenderako


We have come up with the wackiest names and some catchy taglines.
It is mostly spontaneous and often when we over think concepts, they don’t work quite as well as we planned.

Croak and Rhyme was one of the more effortless ones. We wanted people to croak (sing off key) and rhyme (as in poetry)
That Friday night in 2013, at Lion’s bar, Sheraton, an event that was organised for a little more than 100 people spilled 5 times over. The hotel management even asked us if we could do it every weekend because of the killing they made from drinks.

That night, the turn up was mind blowing, and the venue wasn’t that big. We only collected entrance fees and it was our first night event but in a couple of hours we had Ugx 5 million.
I remember the nervous break down I had when I found out a reporter from a popular tabloid was in the area.
One of my biggest fears had always been waking up to find a ridiculous story undermining the efforts of our work with their colourful language.
In the end, the proceeds impressed us so much that we made the decision to raise the balance (from 28 million) to construct our very first dormitory for 210 children.


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