Humble beginnings

Playing catch up, here is 22 and 23


When 40-40 began, I had no real plan for continuity. As such I had not given any thought to things like logos, which are important for a brand. Thankfully, God had that covered. One fine morning at work, my colleague Noah walked over to me with different versions of the 40-40 logo we now use. It was (is) beautiful! It was even more meaningful because he took his own initiative. Many years from today, I will still look at it and remember how it came to be. šŸ™‚


In 2014, we scheduled a strategy session for the team and invited an expert in Social work to speak to us. One of the resounding messages that day was ā€œStop playing small.ā€
When I got home I spoke to mum about it and toyed with the idea of finding office space. She immediately told me someone was vacating a nice spot near her work place and I could check it out. I went by and liked it immediately. I felt like this was a sign. The rent on the other hand, I did not even have 10% and yet we had to make a huge down payment. In the weeks that followed, I was able to secure small loans from friends (and members of the team) and a small grant from the father. Thankfully, payment could be made over time. The year is 2017 and we only got some real furniture last year.
Each time people walked in, they felt like we were just moving in and could not believe it has been around for a while.
A couple of months ago, I began to make some small changes to make it feel homey and (kind of) professional. The process is slow because there is no ‘bottomless’ fund to pick from but I am still proud of it nonetheless.
So many things in my life, in the 40-40 story have taken longer, appeared more complex or difficult and been surrounded by endless hurdles but in everything I have learnt not to despise humble beginnings- neither should you.

In everything, give thanks.

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