Sneak peak into Me..

I had my moments as a child..dreaming I would be a pilot, musician,actress, air hostess, model or President..but as I grew up  I knew I wanted to be a writer..

When I write, everything is still and my soul speaks out.

I have now taken a different path but still believe there is that bit inside that will never go away, so here I am…writing:-)

My love for children has led me to a special trail and right now..I am quite content following it.

The journey continues*

Took a while for me to start a blog, I spoke about it forever.I hope I shall have the discipline to maintain it but most of all..I hope that in sharing, I can learn, grow and perhaps touch a life or two.

My ideology? ” Be the change you want to see in the world”

11 Replies to “Sneak peak into Me..”

  1. lovely blog. Writing is not a profession per say, though many do it for money. It is a gift of words that God gave you just like he gives smiles. To some it is singing, to others it is math and to some of us, it is words. Don;t give up writing about whatever, it is a beautiful thing 🙂


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