The journey of a girl  young woman who has learnt a lot from her life thus far but is also enthusiastic about the future that is yet to unfold.

With the Lord as my guide, I am certain it is going to be bumpy from time to time but oh so worth it!


So, here I am, a clueless girl  woman with a LOT to say..sometimes even irrelevant but always from my heart.

From the random escapades to the heartfelt grievances, the ‘pen’ or should I say keyboard shall bleed so I can free my mind.

Here is to discovery on this journey called life..Won’t you take a stroll with me? 🙂

I decided to follow my passion at the beginning of 2012. To help children that have hitherto been neglected. Together with the ’40 days, over 40 smiles family, I get to ‘play’ mommy to some amazing children. It has been thrilling so far, difficult but still great nonetheless . The best thing I have done with my life in a long time!

Come with me, let’s change the world-one smile at a time 🙂


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